Creating Customers

Adding leads, adding customers, merging customers, and putting a customer on hold. How to manage your customers in Order Time Inventory's CRM.

  • Adding Leads 
    • When a potential client shows interest in your business and provides contact information, they are considered a sales lead. Learn how to input and generate these leads with Order Time, then convert a lead into a customer.
  • Adding Customers
    • Learn how to easily input a new customer using Order Time if an individual contacts you for a quote, sales order, or adding a lead. Add important fields such as addresses, payments, notes, proxies, and more.
  • Merge a Customer
    • Use the merge tool to consolidate information from two separate customers into one. Move contact, activities, addresses, quotes, sales raiders, ship docs, and other critical information into one customer file.
  • Putting a Customer on Hold 
    • When you don't want your customer to exceed their credit limits but you also don't want to turn away business, it is smart to put the customer on hold. You can use this tool to create a sales order without approving the order for shipment until the customer is ready.