Importing Items

Importing Items, Item Images, Serial Numbers, and fields. Learn how to prepare an import file to create new items or update existing ones.

  • Importing Item Images 
    • Learn how to import item images in Order Time within Web Resources. Utilize the admin panel to create a CSV file containing the item name, web resource, and web address. 
  • Importing a Count with Serial Numbers 
    • Understand how to update the count of items that track lot and serial numbers within Order Time. Learn the steps to update your count, then approve, and finalize. 
  • Import - Overview 
    • To efficiently migrate and streamline large amounts of data into Order Time, use the import functions. This allows you to convert the data from one spreadsheet, rather than entering each individual item manually. Understand a CSV file and its components to help your process. 
  • Preparing Import File 
    • Learn to prepare your import file specific to the List that you are going to use. Whether creating an import file from scratch or updating new records to the list, these steps will teach you how to seamlessly assemble your import file. 
  • Importing Fields 
    • Understand the list of fields for each record type that contain information to run an import job. Set mandatory or non-mandatory fields to organize the information and import record types.