Item Setup

Adding an item, adding item details, creating item aliases, and applying attributes or barcodes.

  • Adding an Item
    • Learn how to add an item in Order Time and define its item group to meet the needs of your business. Understand the aspects of the General Information Tab to enter descriptive information about the item. 
  • Item Details
    • Learn how to add details to your item to complete its record within Order Time. Details include vendors, related items, customer aliases, item images, attachments, and web resources. 
  • Style Editor
    • Use the style editor to manage item variation based on several attributes within one item number, rather than creating several item numbers for each attribute. Learn to create a style, adding variations, and add a style to an order within Order Time. 
  • Utilizing Item Aliases
    • Use item aliases to use multiple SKUs for the same item whether it is customer facing, vendor facing, or manufacturing facing. This feature helps your business stay organized when you call the same parts by different names. 
  • Item Barcodes in Order Time
    • Streamline your process by setting up unique barcodes for each item in Order Time. This can speed up your warehousing processes and inform the system how many units a package contains to avoid scanning multiple barcodes.