Item Types

Learn about Item Types within Order Time Inventory. Define your item characteristics, see how Order Time processes different item types, and how items are used in transactions.

  • Selecting an Item Group
    • Define your Item Characteristics by selecting an item group. Learn how to track your item in inventory and how it will be represented in your accounting books. 
  • Item Usage 
    • Understand how Order Time processes the different item types, how it will be used, tracked, and reported on. Part, assembly, non-inventory, and kit items have varying configurations within your organization regarding tracking inventory, build/configuration, requiring work order, and lots/serial numbers. 
  • Items in Order Time
    • Items are used in every transaction to drive sales, costs of sales, and inventory. Learn 7 different item types that are added to the system based on tracking inventory, for use in a bill of materials or kit, item parts, and lot or serial numbers.