Existing All Orders users can easily convert their database to Order Time with a few easy steps. Keep in mind that All Orders is almost 20 years in the making while Order Time is new so there will be a few things that will not be in Order Time.



  • Your All Orders version should be 6.2.25 or higher. Please update if you not have already done so.
  • If you use All Orders CRM, update to version 1.0.19 prior to migration.
  • The Sync Queue must be empty. Synchronize with your accounting software to empty the Sync Queue. 
  • A zip folder containing
    • The backup of your All Orders database
    • Your item images
    • Your attachments


Creating the Zip Folder

All Orders Backup
  • Make sure all users are logged out.  
  • Open All Orders as Admin.
  • From the main menu select, File then Backup. After a few moments you will see a dialog appear showing you the file path. It should be a .bak file (e.g. AllOrdersDemo-11-13-2017(H10 M6 Y22).bak)
  • Navigate to the file path and find the file.  
  • Right-click the file and on most Windows machines you will find an option for send to --> compressed zipped folder. Windows will create a zip folder in the same directory using the name of your .bak file (e.g. AllOrdersDemo-11-13-2017(H10 M6 Y22).zip)


Images and Attachments

During the conversion process, we will try to match up the database to the attachments or images you include in your zip folder. We suggest the following approach:

  • Create a folder called Attachments and drag all your attachments into this folder. Then drag the entire Attachments folder into the zip folder. 
  • Create a folder called Item-Images and drag all your images into this folder. Then drag the entire Item-Images folder into the zip folder. 


Uploading your Zip Folder

  • Navigate to the All Orders Registration Page.
  • Complete the Registration including your NumberCruncher Customer ID. You can find your customer ID by logging into your account
  • Click Submit.   
  • You will be sent a confirmation email. Click on the link in the confirmation email. 
  • On the page that opens, click the browse button and navigate to the zip folder and select it. Then click Upload.

During the upload process keep the web page open and do not navigate away from this page. 


It takes a while

Your file will be uploaded and converted but it can take one hour or more depending on how many transactions you have. You will receive an email when the conversion is completed.

To reduce the conversion time we recommend you condense the data in All Orders before uploading your file. We recommend at least one year activity but not to exceed three years. Please refer to All Orders documentation for instructions on condensing data. BEFORE you condense you should turn the ledger OFF as it will make the condense much faster and it is not needed for Order Time.


converting from All Orders

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