The cloud-based customer relations management database within Order Time covers the entire sales cycle from lead to payment. Manage all of your customers from anywhere and via any device! Manage leads, customers, contacts and addresses. Generate quotes and sales orders and track their statuses while controlling approvals.

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Optimize your inventory and keep track of your customer's orders at all times. Get accurate stock levels in real-time as stock comes in and moves out.


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Order Time will give you unprecedented visibility into sales, purchasing, production and warehousing. Integration with accounting, ecommerce, shipping and EDI systems will streamline your work flow and increase efficiencies.


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Leads  Contacts & Customers
 Calendar & Alerts

A sales lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service, created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information. Leads are essentially customers that have not yet ordered from you. You can categorize leads using lead statuses for example hot, cold, etc.

A customer is needed to generate a Sales Order. If a customer contacts you for a Sales Order, Quote, or you just want to add them as a Lead, the system allows you to add a customer quickly and easy to your database. Keeping track of your Customer Types can greatly increase the usefulness of your reporting.

An Activity is a way to document an action that will occur or has occurred by one or more of your users. For example, if you want to remind a sales rep to follow up on an order, you would create a Task for the sales rep. Order Time has the ability to support users in tracking assignments and and set Alerts. The Activity Schedule (or calendar) is easy to use and serves different functions depending on your scheduling needs.
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Roles & Access
Quotes  Emails

Another benefit of our software is the ability for administrators to customize the roles in which their users have access. This allows Owners to decide exactly what features each user can access with Roles. Users are assigned a Role that defines their access level to your account.  The number of Active users you can add is defined by your subscription.

Quotes are documents that are used to let a potential buyer know how much your goods or services will cost before they commit to the purchase. The Discount profile list allows you to come up with general discounts that can be applied to specific orders.

Order Time allows you to customize email templates to fit your different correspondence needs. You have the option to select specific information types that you want to be part of the email template. Order Time is like a one-stop shop that aids you in putting together tasks, transactions, correspondences and other day-to-day undertakings. You can communicate with other contacts or parties directly from the system.




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