At, we understand that every stitch in a harness, every engraved name on a collar, and every welded joint in training equipment holds more than just material—it holds a promise of durability, trust, and companionship between working dogs and their handlers. For over 20 years, has been at the helm of creating high-quality, innovative gear for these extraordinary animals and their devoted trainers. Our commitment to excellence has not only set us apart but has also woven us into the fabric of many a success story, including our fruitful partnership with Order Time Inventory. This showcase delves into our journey with Order Time, highlighting the pivotal role it plays in our mission to outfit the nation's most dedicated working dogs.

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UNLEASHING EFFICIENCY: HOW ORDER TIME INVENTORY EMPOWERED TO LEAD THE PACK IN WORKING DOG GEAR has carved a niche in the working dog sector as a trailblazer in manufacturing top-tier equipment and training aids. For over two decades, our dedication to innovation has established us as leaders in crafting gear that meets the exacting standards of working dogs and their handlers.


Our Facility Features


  • Sewing Department: Where precision and care sew together the finest materials.
  • Leather Department: The scent of quality leather workmanship fills the air.
  • Embroidery Department: Personalized details are stitched with pride.
  • Plotting & Engraving Department: Every product detail is marked with precision.
  • Welding & Fabricating Department: Strong, durable products forged with expertise.

Crafted with love and respect for working dogs and their companions, products are symbols of excellence made in the USA by skilled American workers.

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The Journey to Order Time Inventory

Faced with the limitations of QuickBooks for inventory management, needed a solution that could handle complex Bill of Material tracking without breaking the bank. After exploring various options, we discovered Order Time—a system that not only met our budget but also exceeded our expectations in functionality and ease of use.


Transition to Excellence


Switching to Order Time Inventory was a pivotal moment for us. The transition took a couple of months, considering our extensive database and a decade-long history with All Orders, Order Time's predecessor. However, the onboarding process was seamless, and it met our expectations flawlessly.

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Why Order Time?


What sets Order Time apart is its user-friendly interface, quick navigation, and the ability to access it from anywhere—crucial features for a team always on the move. Its integration with BigCommerce and ShipStation has been indispensable, enabling our customer service to operate with unprecedented speed and efficiency.


Measurable Improvements


Active Dogs Shelves Bins and WarehousingSince incorporating Order Time, we've noticed a significant reduction in the workload for our customer service and shipping departments. The ability to swiftly access various functions without delay means we can serve our customers better and faster.






As continues to grow and serve the working dog community, Order Time Inventory stands as a vital tool in our journey. It's not just software; it's a cornerstone of our business operations, helping us uphold our commitment to quality, integrity, and service.

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Industry Working Dog Equipment Manufacturing
Founding Date 2000
Headquarters Weyerhaeuser, WI
Main Site
Customer Since December 2011


"All Orders was good but Order Time Inventory is so much better, easy to use, easy to interface with, quick to navigate and load. "

- Amy Hajdasz, Owner,


Is there a particular aspect of Order Time that you rely on most?
- Integration with BigCommerce and ShipStation

How is Order Time helping you save time and increase productivity?
- Much faster for customer service to jump around and pull up many different things with little to no load time
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