In the dynamic world of automotive performance, efficiency and precision are not just goals but necessities for success. At the forefront of this demanding industry is Cyberspace Automotive Performance, Inc., a company that has not only embraced these challenges but has also turned them into opportunities for growth and innovation. With a focus on developing robust business relationships and maintaining a strong presence in the international marketplace, Cyberspace Automotive's journey towards automating their processes with Order Time Inventory stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. This showcase delves into how Order Time has revolutionized Cyberspace Automotive's operations, propelling them to new heights of efficiency and market leadership.

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Cyberspace Automotive Performance, Inc. aims to foster business relationships across all levels of the automotive performance industry, prioritizing efficiency in the global market and profitability for all partners. Before adopting Order Time, Cyberspace Automotive faced a pivotal moment in its growth trajectory. The need for significant automation, especially in inventory management, was evident to sustain further expansion.



Challenges & Exploring Software Options

We were at a point in our evolution where it was obvious that we could grow no further without significant automation of our processes. In particular, inventory management. Initially we went with an inventory management-only solution that was merely an add-on to QuickBooks, our accounting system. On the surface it was very nice and clean, and had all of the basic functionality one would need. But as we dug deeper we discovered that anything beyond very basic functions was not there. It was as if the software was not developed by one who knew and understood inventory but rather by one who was simply trying to fill a perceived gap in the market. When we asked how we could do things beyond the basics, the answer always started out with, "Well, you could..."  I found this completely unacceptable. I wanted solid answers, provided in confidence by someone who truly understands the inventory management challenges we face.

Finding Order Time & What made it stand out

Racing Seats USAWe were months into the integration of this other inventory management solution when I recognized I needed to find something different. Fast! I'd already done so much discovery in making my first decision I wasn't sure where else to turn. On a whim, I looked at QuickBooks App marketplace and found something called, "Order Time". Because I thought I'd done my due diligence quite well I was suspicious how good it would be. It turns out those concerns were completely unfounded. It is better than I could have hoped. 

The fact that it does so much in addition to great inventory management makes it stand out. The fantastic personalized support. The openness to customize to meet my requirements in those very rare cases when I need something that is not already offered. But I think that two things place Order Time so far above anything else I'd researched. First is the completeness of the solution. It is immediately obvious that Order Time was developed by an individual or individuals who are immersed not only in inventory management but accounting and the entire order management process. If you try to plumb the depths of Order Time's capability be prepared to spend months doing that. I've tried and am still regularly impressed by new features that I find.

But, beyond even the capability is the flexibility. Order Time goes to absolutely extreme lengths to let the user craft the solution to meet that individual company's needs. Whether you're talking about custom reports or custom fields in the database or the amazing import/export capability or the incredible API. It truly boggles the mind. And to offer this level of completeness and flexibility at the Order Time price point? Unbelievable.


Benefits & Onboarding


EFI System ModsWe have been in eCommerce literally since the dawn of the industry. And since the beginning, we'd used duct tape and bailing wire to make QuickBooks do what we needed it to do. No more. QuickBooks is purely relegated to the one thing it does well (accounting) and now we have a true order and inventory management system--Order Time. Our seasoned team is studiously learning that there is a better, easier way to do absolutely everything we do.  Safely "in the cloud", where both our on-site and off-site employees can access and use it equally well, with no hardware to maintain.

We were able to accomplish the actual transition between our QuickBooks environment and Order Time in a single day with no down time. To be fair, I did a huge amount of discovery ahead of getting our team of operators involved. I took full advantage of the 30-day free trial period, during which I was able to really use and understand the Order Time software, identify any obstacles, and plan how we would adapt our day-to-day process to using Order Time--all while the team continued to operate in our old QuickBooks environment.  During this time, even before we had committed to the purchase, Order Time provided hours of instruction and guidance via video conference. Because of this, and because I was full-time involved in the discovery during that trial, and by keeping my staff updated on what they could expect when we did "go live", we were literally able to accomplish the transition with no down time.


Measurable Changes

Hilborn Fuel Injection ManifoldIt may seem a strange metric but without being able to turn at the moment to something more numeric, like revenue or profitability, I would say orderliness. Our team was truly tiny compared to the sales volume that it managed. As a result, before Order Time the place was beyond disheveled. Not because they didn't want it to look better--they just had no bandwidth to get beyond crisis management.

If I could simply offer pictures of our facilities "before" and "after", you'd think you were looking at a different business. Because our team now has the tools they need to do what they must do, they are able to do everything with more accuracy and in less time. Product returns that sat literally for months in reception awaiting final disposition are now gone, handled as soon as they are received. All work areas are neat and orderly. Not because the team changed but because their efficiency is so improved that they have time to not only complete the job but organize and prepare for the next workday. They are not simply doing what they used to do, faster, but are doing more, better with Order Time.

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Industry Automotive Performance, Racing Seats, High Performance Fuel Pumps, Holley Electronic Fuel Injection
Founding Date 1993
Headquarters Palm Bay, FL
Key Brands EFI System Pro

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Customer Since July 2023


"All work areas are neat and orderly. Not because the team changed but because their efficiency is so improved that they have time to not only complete the job but organize and prepare for the next workday. They are not simply doing what they used to do, faster, but are doing more, better with Order Time."

- Chris Myer, President, Cyberspace Automotive Performance, Inc.


Is there a particular aspect of Order Time that you rely on most?
- In a word, the people. We are quickly becoming Order Time power users. We leave absolutely no feature or capability that we could possibly leverage to our advantage on the table. And while Order Time's incredible documentation library is, in and of itself, a key feature of the product, there are times when we just need a shot of insight to understand exactly how these more advanced features work.  We don't phone and wait on hold--we simply submit a support request. Soon enough we have a reply from one of Order Time's great support team. Usually an email reply is sufficient but occasionally they'll offer to set up a Google Meeting so that they can personally show us the details of some feature.
But not just the people on the front end. Equally important to us are the development team working in the background. As capable and proven as Order Time already is they are constantly building out new features and improvements to existing features. That tells us the long-term success of their product is as important to them as it is to us.

How is Order Time helping you save time and increase productivity?
- We have only just begun to save time and increase productivity. Switching to Order Time for our order and inventory management is just part of a bigger technology stack improvement that we laid out for ourselves nearly a year ago. Currently, we are redesigning all of our ecommerce stores on the latest Magento platform in a way that will automate our processes in a way we couldn't even imagine before we began this effort. Between Order Time's built-in Magento integration and the fantastic API that lets us expand beyond that to anything unique to our requirements, our automation goals become reality.  I constantly insist to the operational team that if there is ANYTHING that doesn't happen automatically then you need to ask yourself "Why?"  As often as not, the answer is that we've simply not embraced completely the features already in Order Time. When we do find things that are unique to our business that are not yet automated, the robust platform for development that Order Time presents makes that automation possible at very reasonable cost.

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