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Mastering Equipment Rentals and Sales with 
Order Time


Established in 2008, Mifflintown Equipment Rental, based in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, has established a strong reputation for their extensive variety of heavy equipment and small tool rentals. 


Their constantly growing inventory, along with their new venture as a Bobcat dealer, ensures they provide comprehensive solutions for both DIY projects and large construction jobs alike.

Josh Gingerich, Manager at Mifflintown Equipment Rental, reached out to us in search of a solution to enhance their inventory management and integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks. He discovered Order Time while researching online and through a QuickBooks expert's recommendation. They hadn't tried another software before this but were drawn to Order Time due to our integration with QuickBooks Desktop.



The Order Time Solution

Order Time Inventory created a custom Rental Module to elevate the business operations of Mifflintown Equipment Rental. 


This tool could be used to track their rental business effectively and effortlessly, creating Rental Contracts akin to Sales Orders. With the flexibility of selecting the interval for the contract in hours, days, weeks, and months, the software could automatically calculate the start and end time, all visualized on a color-coded dashboard.


The Rental Module provides Mifflintown with:

     - A Rental Dashboard showcasing all rented equipment for a given time period
     - Full control over Rental Contracts, from Quote to Reservation to Return
     - Rental Invoicing and Inventory Purchasing
     - Capabilities to Set Items Available for Rent
     - Lot and Serial Number Tracking
     - Payment Terms
     - Logging for the complete lifecycle of a rental item
     - A Repair Module to fix damaged equipment and return it to stock
     - Barcode Management
     - Integration with QuickBooks

Remarkably, this comprehensive rental module did not exist before Mifflintown became a customer. Their unique needs catalyzed this valuable addition to Order Time's feature set.

Impressive Outcomes

The benefits were apparent almost immediately. After a 2-4 week setup period, the Mifflintown team found great improvement in inventory management due to the software's customizability. 


Not only could they manage rentals more effectively, but they also had an integrated solution for Parts, Sales, and Service.

By unifying their operations under one system, Mifflintown Equipment Rental has saved considerable time and boosted productivity. The Order Time Rental Module, crafted specifically with Mifflintown's needs in mind, has undoubtedly transformed their rental and sales operations,
 leading to an enhanced customer experience and improved business efficiency.


Looking Ahead

Mifflintown Equipment Rental's successful adoption of Order Time exemplifies how customized software solutions can make a world of difference in business operations. It also underlines Order Time's commitment to adapt and grow with our customers, crafting solutions that help them flourish.

We look forward to seeing Mifflintown continue to thrive and are proud to be a part of their ongoing success story.

company info header block

Industry Equipment Rental for a variety of heavy equipment and small tools
Founding Date 2008
Headquarters Mifflintown, Pennsylvania
Main Site Mifflintown Equipment Rental
Customer Since April 2021


"We were searching for a way to enhance our inventory management and integrate with QuickBooks Desktop."

- Josh Gingerich, Manager, Mifflintown Rentals


Is there a particular aspect of Order Time that you rely on most?
- The Rental Module and inventory reports
How is Order Time helping you save time and increase productivity?
- By being customizable and also that we can do most of what we need to do in one system like Rentals, Parts, Sales and Service.