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Revolutionizing the Hip-Hop Snack Game with Rap Snacks and Order Time


Since its inception in 1994, Rap Snacks has been on a mission to uniquely blend the vivacious energy of hip-hop culture with the culinary world. A 100% black-owned business, Rap Snacks draws inspiration from hip-hop and authentically reflects the culture in every bite. This year, we are thrilled to showcase how Rap Snacks has supercharged their operations with Order Time.


Bridging Hip-Hop and Snack Food Culture


Rap Snacks now found in Target and other store chainsRap Snacks is the brainchild of James Lindsay, a highly successful entrepreneur, who revolutionized the snack industry by introducing the first of its kind hip-hop themed snack foods. Partnering with some of the rap game’s most recognizable names such as Cardi B, Migos, Lil Boosie, Rick Ross, Master P and Romeo, Rap Snacks has become one of the most visible hip-hop geared snack products over the last few decades. As they celebrate their 29th anniversary this year, the brand's dominance continues to permeate major retail stores across America, including Walmart, Kroger, Sam’s Clubs, Best Buy and Target stores. To get connected with all of these trading partners, Rap Snacks utilizes EDI with Order Time Inventory. Order Time Inventory has connections with TrueCommerce, SPS Commerce and more.

Overcoming Challenges with Order Time

Phil Grayson, Sales Operations Manager at Rap Snacks, shared some insights into the challenges the company was facing. Before Order Time, they were struggling with tracking and invoicing orders, which was hampering their efficiency.

After conducting research for a good order management system, Rap Snacks chose Order Time, impressed by its user-friendly interface and dedicated customer service. In just a couple of months, the company was up and running with Order Time, meeting their expectations in terms of onboarding time.

Order Time has played an instrumental role in Rap Snacks' operations. It has made the company more organized and efficient, especially in processing sales and purchase orders. It has not only helped them track and invoice orders efficiently, but has also contributed to their continued evolution as a growing business.


New Flavors, Same Great Efficiency


assorted Rap Snacks snack bags displayed on a coffee tableRap Snacks is excited about launching new flavors this summer, and with the aid of Order Time, they are confident about managing this expansion smoothly. The robust and flexible infrastructure provided by Order Time ensures that they can continue to grow and innovate without worrying about logistical constraints.



A Success Story Worth Sharing


The Rap Snacks story echoes the sentiments of many businesses that have found a reliable partner in Order Time. By offering a holistic solution to manage orders and track inventory, Order Time has allowed companies like Rap Snacks to focus on what they do best - create unique, exciting products that resonate with their audience.

Rap Snacks CEO James Lindsay in his officeRap Snacks and its CEO, James Lindsay, have proven that with the right blend of creativity, innovation, and reliable partners like Order Time, even the most unique ideas can become a successful reality.

Rap Snacks: The Snack for the Culture, powered by Order Time: The Tool for Efficiency.


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Industry Food and Beverage Services
Founding Date 1994
Headquarters Miami, Florida
Main Site Rap Snacks
Customer Since March 2020


"It has helped us continue to evolve as a growing business and also helped make us more efficient."

- Phil Grayson, Sales Operations Manager, Rap Snacks


Is there a particular aspect of Order Time that you rely on most?
- Processing sales and purchase orders. We utilize the Order Time B2B Portal for wholesale. You can check out our portal here.
How is Order Time helping you save time and increase productivity?
- It has helps us track and invoice orders to efficiently bill our customers.
Rap Snacks is 100 percent Black Owned and based on Hip Hop culture