Depending on your industry or the functions you're looking for in an inventory software, there is always a different use case. We want to showcase our customers and their journey to finding the proper solution by using Order Time Inventory. From Manufacturing to eCommerce or B2B, Order Time has the tools you need to succeed. Gain enterprise level functionality at a small business price to empower your business and grow!








    Surftech has been using Order Time Inventory since April of 2019. They are part of a global community of surfers, shapers, designers, and craftsman who are connected through surfing and the pursuit of perfection. Surftech takes pride in every board they make and celebrate the millions of waves around the world that have been ridden and look forward to being a part of the lineup for years to come. When they came to us they were looking for an inventory system that excels in Sales Order Fulfillment.   


    They began their search after realizing that using QuickBooks Enterprise as a stand alone product to manage their inventory wasn't working very well. Surftech found us on our Capterra review page where we are highly rated. They just wanted to make it easier to manage their inventory and ship orders efficiently. After finding Order Time it only took about 1 WEEK to get it up and running!




  They utilize the production functionality within Order Time to create Work Orders for Assemblies of their Surfboards, Standup Paddleboards, and Prone Paddleboards. Surftech has Order Time label printing for creating labels with barcodes for their inventory.   

   Surftech connects Order Time with their Ecommerce solutions for seamless Sales Order Fulfillment and Shipping. The Order Time B2B Portal helps them create a customizable B2B selling channel connected directly to Order Time. They can invite customers, display specialized pricing, and their customers can cart orders and pay invoices.

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Industry Surfboard Manufacturer
Founding Date 1989
Headquarters Carlsbad, CA
Customer Since April 2019


"Order Time helps us manage our global inventory and fulfill thousands of orders each year."

- Andrew Langer, Controller, Surf Technicians LLC


Is there a particular aspect of Order Time that you rely on most?
- Order Time is very customizable and we like having the ability to tailor it to our needs.
How is Order Time helping you save time and increase productivity?
- Almost all of our team uses Order Time. Including our 3rd party sales force. Everyone on the team has the ability to answer their own questions as opposed to having to wait for someone else to look it up for them.