Order Time Inventory is a browser-based app set in the cloud that provides users with up-to-date information about their business without cumbersome servers to install or maintain. No worries about version compatibility or backups, Order Time uses many of the same features of our popular All Orders platform and makes them available via the cloud. It is fully compatible with Windows & Mac as well as mobile devices using iOS or Android. It has localizations in English [US - UK - South Africa], Spanish [ES] and soon French [FR].


What are the differences between All Orders and Order Time?

For most users, All Orders and Order Time will be identical in data structure and workflow. Frequently used documents like sales orders, ship docs,  purchase and work orders will essentially be the same for both programs and many of the features and functionalities will also be identical between them. Because of this parity, most users looking to migrate from All Orders to Order Time should find that transition and training times should be reduced.

So what are some differences? They reside mostly under the hood, but one key difference is the way data is saved within the program. Let’s take a sales order for example. In All Orders, you start a new sales order, select a customer, add items and press the Save button, the entire sales order is saved in one shot. Being that Order Time is on the web, saving is done incrementally. 

This makes saving much faster. It is also less likely that a user will lose their work as they are entering an order. This saving technique does raise an important question which is how does someone else know when an order is complete?  

To solve this,  a sales order (and every document) has a Status. When a sales order is being entered its status is Processing. A sales order cannot be converted to a ship doc until its status is changed to Approved. You can add your own statuses to suit your own particular workflow.  Additionally, an Alert can also be configured and sent to one or more users when the status changes!

Another major upgrade is the introduction of Activities. An Activity is a way to document an action that has occurred or will occur to one or more of your users. For example, if you want to remind a sales rep to follow up on an order you would create a Task for that sales rep.

It is important to remember that All Orders has more than 15 years of development and tuning so matching functionality and features from All Orders will be an ongoing process.   


Order Time Inventory Feature Road Map


Can I try Order Time before completely making the switch?

Absolutely. Just like any other NumberCruncher product, we offer all users an unfettered, fully functional 30 day free trial. The initial setup process is quick and simple find out how to get started.


What will Order Time Cost?

Order Time will cost $50 per user per month. There are no minimum users or contracts so you can cancel at any time. Additional fees will apply for Label Printing, Shipping & Ecommerce Integration. Learn more about Order Time pricing.

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