Syncware Partnership with Order Time


Syncware connects Order Time customers with 300+ systems to automate:

  • Orders - Automatically passing orders to Order Time
  • Inventory  - Syncing your inventory levels in real-time with Order Time
  • Shipments & Fulfillment - Updating tracking information once orders are shipped
  • Accounting - Ensuring accurate financials are captured


Order Time inventory is a robust inventory and order processing system that can be integrated with your eCommerce solution, shopping cart, and more. These integrations will significantly reduce the time and errors in entering new customer information and web order processing. Syncware is an integration partner of ours that can connect virtually any order source directly to Order Time via our API.

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Connect all of your order sources (Field Reps, Web Sites, EDI, Marketplaces) to Order Time Inventory! Syncware's cloud-based platform, allows you to determine how often to poll your order sources and immediately push them into Order Time.


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Syncware Feature HIGHLIGHTS

Order Time will give you unprecedented visibility into sales, purchasing, production and warehousing. Integration with accounting, ecommerce, shipping and EDI systems will streamlined work flow and increase efficiencies.


prevent duplicates 3PL integration automated replenishment

Prevent Duplicates

3PL Integration

Automated Replenishment

Order Time users like the fact that they have a “Match Customer” screen in Syncware that allows them to match an incoming customer to a variant spelling in Order Time so that a dupe new customer is not created.

Shipping quicker and more accurately translates into selling more. Syncware's platform is used by leading 3PLs such as Capacity LLC, SP Express, and Total Biz Fulfillment, to connect to their vendor clients and serve them better.

Help your reps make sure that your products stay in stock with REPLENCAST. Syncware's platform reaches out to your customers who haven't ordered in a while, suggesting an order based upon their recent order history. "Replenegrams" (customized emails with suggested orders) can go out to both reps and retailers.

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