QuickBooks is the #1 financial software for small businesses. Its cost and simplicity make it easy for small businesses to keep track of income and expenses. It offers an upgrade path from Pro to Premier to Enterprise with Advanced Inventory and Pricing. Although you love QuickBooks for accounting, you may find it hard to grow beyond what it can offer in terms of Inventory.

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Order Time Inventory integrates with:

QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online Plus & QuickBooks Online Advanced

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Order Time Inventory

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More details:
  • Bundled Discounts on QuickBooks & Order Time are only valid for New Customers of both.
  • The 20% discount is applied to the yearly plan for Order Time. This reflects a savings of over $200!
  • The QuickBooks Bundle can not be combined with the All Orders to Order Time Offer. One or the other must be chosen.

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How does QuickBooks work with Order Time?

Powerful accounting synchronization with QuickBooks, updates to entities, such as items and customers and transaction export including invoices, bills or item receipts, credit memo and adjustments. Learn about the data integration between the two.
Compare Order Time Inventory to QuickBooks
NOTE: The Order Time accounting integration with QuickBooks Online only supports PLUS & ADVANCED plans at this time. It DOES NOT support Simple Start or Essentials.


Want to know our Sales, Purchasing, or Production flow within Order Time?

We have charts and explanations for the various facets of each below:

>> Sales Flow

>> Purchasing Flow

>> Production Flow


QuickBooks & Order Time Featured Pages

Order Time gives you the capabilities to go further with Quickbooks

Order Time Inventory enhances the capabilities of QuickBooks, allowing businesses to delve deeper into inventory management and order processing. By integrating seamlessly with QuickBooks, it provides a comprehensive solution for businesses that need advanced inventory tracking, order management, and workflow optimization. Whether you're a growing business aiming to streamline operations or an established enterprise looking for more granular control over your inventory, Order Time Inventory bridges the gap, ensuring that your financial data in QuickBooks is always synchronized with your real-time inventory and order statuses. Dive into a world where precision, efficiency, and integration come together to supercharge your QuickBooks experience.

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Gain full control over your inventory with order time

Optimize your inventory and keep track of your stock at all times. Get accurate stock levels in real-time as stock comes in and moves out.


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Order Time Feature HIGHLIGHTS

Order Time will give you unprecedented visibility into sales, purchasing, production and warehousing. Integration with accounting, ecommerce, shipping and EDI systems will streamlined work flow and increase efficiencies.


sales orders pick, pack and ship roles and access
Sales Orders Pick, Pack & Ship Roles & Access

Generate quotes and sales orders and track their statuses while controlling approvals. Manage leads, customers, contacts and addresses. Create alerts and notifications.

Shipping integration with ShipStation automatically syncs sales with shipments, and syncs tracking numbers to Ship Docs. Within ShipStation you complete the shipment and print the shipping label.

Another benefit of our software is the ability for administrators to customize the roles in which their users have access.This allows Owners to decide exactly what features each user can access with Roles. Users are assigned a Role that defines their access level to your account. The number of Active users you can add is defined by your subscription.
label printing and barcodes ecommerce integrations kitting and assembly
Label Printing & Barcode Management Ecommerce Integrations Kitting & Assembly

Keep track of items by assigning barcodes to them. Scan items into sales orders, invoices, and more to avoid manual data entry. Create labels with our custom label designer and print them using our special integration.

Order Time features Ecommerce integrations such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Volusion and 3dcart. We're always adding new integrations and features, so if you have a platform you can't live without, let us know.

Bundle a group of items together to sell as a single unit. Individual items and components can be kitted as products and sold. Set up assemblies for everything you manufacture to make work orders quick & easy.



Do any of the following situations apply to you?

  • My inventory levels are negative and never accurate!
  • I'm hitting the Item limit in QuickBooks.
  • Lot or Serial number tracking lacks the ability to store important data such as the expiration date.
  • I can't change the proportion of components on my assemblies/builds.
  • I need to share order & inventory data with sales reps and my other locations.
  • I don't want to maintain a server!
  • I'm using Right Networks for QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. How can I connect it with Order Time? [QuickBooks Desktop Syncing (Right Networks)]
  • I prefer to use Mac/Apple products.
  • I want to switch to QuickBooks Online. [QuickBooks Online: 5 Reasons Why It's Time to Move to the Cloud]
  • There is little support for Vendor management, part aliases, barcoding, automated purchasing and more.
  • Mi empresa opera en el idioma español. Necesito un software que pueda escalar con nosotros. [¡Order Time ahora está disponible en español!]
  • We're a small enterprise and we're not sure whether cloud-based solutions are able to handle us. [Are you a Small Enterprise?]


Solve all of these situations and more with our cloud inventory platform, Order Time.

With Order Time’s accounting integration, you can continue to use QuickBooks for accounting and achieve your operational goals.

Order Time Accounting Flow

Order Time Accounting Flow

How does QuickBooks work with Order Time?

  • Order Time will import your List (such a Customers, Vendors and Payment Method) from QuickBooks. From then on there is bi-directional synchronization. You can add, edit and delete Lists in either program.
  • What if you don’t want to have Inventory Parts or Assemblies in QuickBooks? That’s not a problem! Order Time will optionally post journal entries to reflect costing in QuickBooks. 
  • Order Time operates as your central hub taking care of the sales, purchasing and production cycles plus warehouse functions. Don't bother creating invoices or bills directly in QuickBooks.
  • Make these transactions within Order Time and sync them to QuickBooks, it's that easy!
  • Is Cloud Inventory the Right Fit for Small Businesses? Find out more about Cloud Inventory basics and how you can improve your company's efficiency.