Order Time Cheat Sheet (FAQ)

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions about Order Time. Some of these have been answered during our live Q&A sessions an were asked by our customers or webinar attendees. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

  • How do I get my data INTO Order Time?

+ Well the first thing you need to do is upload, import or enter your customers,  leads, vendors and items. The easiest way to do this is to integrate with your accounting software. Another way to do this is by CSV imports. CSV Imports can be used to both insert and update data. Use the lists to find data you have imported.

>> Importing

>> Integrations

  • How can I manage my team on Order Time?

+ A big aspect of Order Time is collaborating with your team so you will want to manage roles and add users. Users are assigned a Role that defines their access level to your account. The number of Active users you can add is defined by your subscription. Roles allow Owners to decide exactly what features each user can access.

>> Roles

  • Can I integrate Order Time with my online store?

+ Of course! Order Time is integrated with several e-commerce platforms. This integration facilitates the coordination of inventory management and your cart's web orders. It provides a fully automated experience, allowing for better customer service.

>> Ecommerce Integration

  • What Ecommerce integrations does Order Time have?

+ Order Time Ecommerce Integrations include: Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, & Volusion. Sales from these platforms are synced with Order Time to allow for proper picking, packing and shipping. Custom Invoices, shipping integration and tracking info are all available as well.

>> Integrations

  • What type of Shipping Integration is available?

+ Order Time is integrated with ShipStation. Ship Docs are sent to ShipStation together with all relevant customer and item information. Within ShipStation you complete the shipment and print the shipping label. Ship Station will send back the tracking number to the appropriate Ship Doc and change its status to Shipped.

>> Shipping Integration

>> Sign up for ShipStation

  • Is this compatible with QuickBooks Desktop/QuickBooks Online/Xero Accounting?

+ Order Time is compatible with all three. Manage your Accounting integration at the start of your Free Trial and increase your efficiency immediately. With this integration transactions can be automatically posted, avoiding duplicate effort and transposition errors. Xero Accounting features are still in beta, but will be released fully soon.

>> Accounting Integration Overview

  • I use inventory control software with a database server, would that shift to the Cloud as well? What about security?

+ The Database would be in the cloud. You would no longer need to manage a local server. As far as security is concerned, Order time sits behind a world-class firewall run by Amazon Web Services(AWS) and it also has a strong Secure Sockets Layer(SSL).

>> AWS Cloud Security

  • Do I have to pay up front for Order Time? Are there any Annual fees?

+ Nope! The monthly subscription is all that you pay. Learn more about our Pricing and access the cloud-based app from any web browser, even on your phone or tablet.

>> Pricing

  • Is Order Time localized for languages other than English?

+ Yes, currently we have localtizations for Order Time in Spanish for a more productive and comfortable experience. All Spanish-language customers have to do is swap the primary language in Firefox or Chrome to Spanish and log into Order Time. Every page, title, field, and text box will swap. We're happy to provide this feature and plan on adding more localizations in the future.

>> Order Time is now available in Spanish!

>> ¡Order Time ahora está disponible en español!

  • What if I want to give multiple options while the customer is ordering a bundled item?

+ You want to allow the components of the bill of materials to change at the time of the order? For example, a make-to-order computer manufacturer may want to give a customer a choice of hard drives. This is where the configurable bill of materials is used.

>> Kit and Configurable Bill of Materials

  • Can I transfer inventory from warehouse to warehouse and also to different locations within each warehouse using Order Time?

+ Yes, if your business operates from multiple locations, then you can perform a Transfer within the Warehouse section of Order Time to shift inventory. On screen you can choose the origin, where it's going, shipping method, tracking #, and total weight. You can even allocate a cost to shipping your inventory from location to location. In order to move inventory around within your warehouse we suggest doing a Bin Move from the Warehouse section of Order Time. It allows you to complete the move, record the date in which it was completed, and record the quantity.

>> Complete a New Location Transfer

>> Create New Bin Move

  • How is the sync handled for QuickBooks desktop?

+ We use our own Connector that is downloaded onto one computer and continually runs. This computer will be designated to synchronize with Order Time. You generally want to choose one which does not get turned off.

>> Sync Queue

  • Can you explain the "scan" feature for items on a sales order? We frequently have SOs with hundreds of different items.

+ You can scan items into all documents using Item Number, UPC, Manufacturer or Customer Part numbers. To change any of your scanning preferences, click the cog wheel to go into the settings, click on Company Preferences, click on the section 'All Orders Mobile' and scroll down to view all the options.  Once you're done making selections, click on the green Save button.

>> AO Mobile Warehouse Scanning Tool

>> Count Inventory

  • So the ship doc is a completed sales order sent back to QuickBooks?

+ Yes! Ship Docs are the ultimate sales transaction in Order Time. It shows the items the customers purchased. When items are involved, it is the Ship Doc that deducts inventory. They can be created straight from a Sales Order or manually from the side menu.

>> Ship Docs

  • Does order time have any unit of measurement conversions?

+ Yes. Using UOM Sets you can convert multiple Units of Measure. A Unit of Measure Set will define how your items are sold, purchased, and used when it is different than the primary measure.

>> Units of Measure

  • I signed up for a meeting, is there anything I need to do prior?

+ Thank you for signing up for a meeting with us. Head to the downloads page to get our version of Teamviewer so that we can connect to your machine and guide you!

>> Set Up a Meeting

>> Support Downloads

  • Do you have any charts showing the sales, purchasing, or production flow within Order Time?

+ We have charts and explanations for the various facets in each below —

>> Sales Flow

>> Purchasing Flow

>> Production Flow

  • Do you have an integration with SalesForce?

+ We don't have direct SalesForce integration. Order Time has built-in CRM features to manage leads, customers, quotes & sales. You can also email contacts straight from Order Time. Learn more from the links below —

>> Email Interface Screenshot

>> Sending Emails from Order Time & CRM Features

  • With a fashion & Clothing company, we have plenty of variations of the same product, how can Order Time help?

+ Order Time is equipped for multiple variants of a SKU using our Styles and Styles Editor. The Style Editor is used to manage variations where an item has various attributes; however, you do not want to create an item number for each individual attribute. For example, a clothing manufacturer who produces a t-shirt in 4 different colors and 5 sizes. Using Styles will also facilitate order entry by making it easy to edit the attributes of multiple variants at one time on one screen.

>> Learn more about the Styles / Styles Editor in Order Time