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All Orders Mobile & Order Time - Connected

All Orders Mobile can now be used with Order Time, our cloud-based inventory control and order management platform!

All Orders Mobile is a warehouse scanning tool which you can use to:

  •     Pick Sales Orders
  •     Receive Purchase Orders
  •     Perform Inventory Counts
  •     Find Location/Bins of Inventory
  •     Move Bins
  •     Adjust Inventory
  •     Transfer inventory


All Orders Mobile by NumberCruncher extends inventory management into your warehouse and lets you take full advantage of barcode label printing for Order Time. Adding barcoding will save a lot of headaches going forward. Scan your inventory counts on a hand held device, instead of physically counting.

Warehouse worker moving boxes on trolley talking to manager in a large warehouseOrder Time has allowed us to manage EVERY aspect of our product-based business in a single solution. Now we can track prospects and leads, quotes, orders, manufacturing bills-of-materials and work orders, inventory, purchase orders, and sales orders in Order Time. This is saving us countless hours and helping us provide world class service to our clients.  Order Time integrates with QuickBooks, popular web shopping carts, and shipping systems to make it an all-in-one and fully integrated solution. Believe them when Order Time says your business will be running like clockwork.  Ours is! - Bob Hogan, BarcodeShack

All Orders Mobile with Order Time will make your warehouse operations more efficient! All Orders Mobile is installed on Windows-based devices. It can connect to Order Time and view sales orders to be picked, purchase orders to be received and counts. Once a sales order is picked, the picking information will be synced in real time back to Order Time and automatically create a Ship Doc. Similarly, once a purchase order is received through All Orders Mobile, the information will be synced to Order Time and a Receiver will automatically be created. Finally, All Orders Mobile will update your count in Order Time with new quantities.

Check out our User Guide for All Orders Mobile. We also have video tutorials for Order Time.

Check out the BarcodeShack for devices that work with All Orders Mobile

Here are the System Requirements

Make sure to contact us if you have and questions and have a great weekend.

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