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How Atlanta Car Dealerships Are Using Cloud Based Inventory Tracking

Four Atlanta-based Hennessy car dealerships have been using a cloud-based inventory tracking system called RadioTrax since February, and it has revolutionized their businesses.

RadioTrax prevents businesses from having to manually search for inventory. Instead, a small tracker placed inside each vehicle helps staff learn of the vehicle’s location. They’re powered by a small replaceable battery which has a lifetime of up to two years.

It works using a combination of low-cost networking technology and GPS devices.  An antenna on the roof of the building helps connect the company to the data. Weather-hardened gateways are also for businesses who are more vulnerable to horrific weather conditions.

The technology has proved particularly effective for businesses that have multiple locations.

Hennessy Buick GMC is one of the dealerships to have made good use of it.  

Chris Moore, who is new car sales manager at the dealership, explained: “RadioTrax saves our personnel 10 to 15 minutes per customer, greatly improving both the buying experience and our associates’ efficiency.

“When someone wants to test drive a car they saw on our website, we can pull it up to the showroom door almost instantly – regardless of where it currently is within our seven lots.”

RadioTrax can help businesses of all kinds with their automated inventory management. It’s not just for locating cars. Nevertheless, it’s clear to see that these businesses now have a more reliable and cheaper way to track and search inventory.

Dealerships can become a lot more data-driven with this technology at their disposal. Not only can they track when a car leaves their lot, when it arrives, and when it enters, it allows them to track which makes, models, and colors have been test-driven more than others.

It remains to be seen how widespread this technology becomes in the automotive industry.

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