Converting from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online

More and more small businesses want to move their critical management software online and accounting software is no exception. Learn more about Best Practices for converting and bridge the gap in features.

Here are some best practices for Preparing to convert

  • Clean up your QuickBooks company file
    • Make sure to make a backup of your Company Data before clean-up
    • Look up how to condense your file with File → Utilities → Condense Data/Clean Up Company Data
  • Merge duplicate customers, items and vendors
    • Check out this help article from Intuit to learn how to perform multiple merges.
  • Delete or deactivate unused List records
  • Reconcile all bank accounts
    • Check out this page & video to learn more about reconciliation

Now you're ready to Convert your QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online!


But wait....

What if you are using QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory and/or Advanced Pricing?

Moving to QuickBooks Online (aka QBO) may not work for your business. QBO does not have those features nor the access controls required. Let Order Time bridge the gap between accounting and operations. It offers the advanced inventory and order management features (plus a lot more) contained in QuickBooks Enterprise.

With Order Time’s accounting integration, you can to use QuickBooks Online for accounting and achieve your operational goals.


Order Time will import your List (such a Customers, Vendors and Payment Method) from QuickBooks. From then on there is bi-directional synchronization. You can add, edit and delete Lists in either program.

What if you don’t want to have Inventory Parts or Assemblies in QuickBooks? That’s not a problem! Order Time will optionally post journal entries to reflect costing in QuickBooks.  

Order Time operates as your central hub taking care of the sales, purchasing and production cycles plus warehouse functions. Don't bother creating invoices or bills directly in QuickBooks. Make these transactions within Order Time and sync them to QuickBooks, it's that easy!

We're always adding new Features, so if you have one you can't live without, let us know using the Contact Us Form.
For more information check out our Order Time Cheat Sheet.
If you have a specific query, head on over to our Knowledgebase.

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