Cannabis Inventory Management in Order Time Inventory

Cannabis Inventory Management

As the cannabis industry continues to become legal and more mainstreamed, it is crucial for companies to implement an inventory management system that can keep up with the complex demands. Orders require specific customization, larger distributions, and legalities that make organization, automation, and seamless operations increasingly tedious. 


Because of the legalities associated with selling cannabis, it is important to first understand the legal requirements. Most states require licensing and documentation for your business, but the types differ depending on location and the sort of business being conducted. For a list of licensing programs in all legalized states, click here

Cannabis Businesses

Once you’ve established your cannabis business structure and the required documents, you should note the tedious traceability requirements. The legal cannabis industry demands seamless and mistake-free inventory levels for all dispensaries and retailers as their records with suppliers must account for every gram bought and sold. Because of this, an effective and efficient inventory management system is crucial to keep track and become aware of consumer demands, resulting in more profit. 


Reducing the risk of inventory problems is easy with Order Time’s inventory management platform. Using a POS system and other data analytic tools made for the cannabis industry tackle the necessary inventory needs. These even allow dispensaries to see times of day, week, month, and year that consumer demand increases, allowing your business to prepare for higher sales and reduce risk of selling out. 

Business Model - Cannabis Based

Lack of automation is the simplest means for your cannabis business to run into a compliance violation. Keeping track of inventory by hand can lead to human error and losses for your business. Even if your state has a seed-to-sale traceability program, it is wise to invest in an automated inventory system to prevent any hazards for you business.


With this system, it is important to train employees on how to use and complete inventory counts. This is increasingly important as you employees are the ones who handle the product on a daily basis, so they must keep count of all products. 


Leaflink integration with Order Time Inventory


Thanks to Order Time’s integration with Leaflink, there are countless features that can ease the process from seed to sale. You have the ability to manage all harvests and plants in different locations as well as transfer plants between facilities with ease. Leaflink also helps track the plant growth progress throughout the entire harvesting cycle. Not to mention, with Leaflink, stores can order edibles, buds, and more through an easy eCommerce platform. 

CRM in Order Time Inventory

Leaflink allows your to streamline your customer relationship management, or CRM, with ease. With constant access to customer order history, sales, and information, and you perfectly management customer needs and demands to make your cannabis business stand out among competitors. 

When it comes to sourcing and supplying cannabis, jumping through hoops can seem discouraging. However, utilizing Order Time as an inventory management system paired with Leaflink makes it simple. To learn more, click here. 

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