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Easy Labeling, Easy Finding - Managing Your Warehouse

Managing your warehouse seems simple at first, but after incoming orders, different shipments, and constant movement, it can get messy in no time. No matter the size of your business, both big and small companies need to keep their stock items labeled, organized, and accessible to fulfill all orders in a timely fashion.

Doing this by hand is tedious, can lead to human error, and overall inefficient - good thing automation is available at the click of a button. Here’s a list of reasons, types, and ways automating your labeling process and inventory management process is beneficial to you and your business’ profits.

Warehouse Interior - Labeling and Organization


Why You Need Warehouse Labels 

Organizing your warehouse is the first step in optimizing your fulfillment and prevents your business from making simple yet costly mistakes. These mistakes include shipping incorrect items to customers, mishandling items, or losing track of inventory. 

To start, properly labeling warehouse racks allows employees to avoid locating incorrect products. These labels improve the efficiency and productivity so that shipments and restocking can be completed quicker. Though this may seem obvious, this benefit will save your business time, resources, and tedious mistakes with later repercussions such as slowing down the supply chain. 

Rack Labelling

Similarly, you can virtually eliminate errors due to human mistakes and manual tracking by utilizing labeling systems. Improved durability and readability of these labels make installation and application simple, another amazing benefit of automated labeling compared to manual. 

Which Label Is Right For My Business?

Just as there are different types of businesses, there are multiple label types best suited for your business’ structure and purpose. Learning about each type brings you one step closer to streamlining warehouse organization and simplifying the identifying process in a busy warehouse. 

Floor labels are intended for large warehouses with several rooms, ideal for heavy floor traffic and movement. Rack labels are the most common type, often used to make items more identifiable for employees. These can be color-coded, designed with arrows, and placed on aisles for simple locating.

Floor Labels - Warehouse Labels

For a reusable option, many opt to warehouse magnets that can be applied, removed, and reapplied without any mess or scratches. Because they can be moved when needed, these are typically used for shelf and rack labeling. Warehouse signs are often used to identify safety hazards for employees working, such as heavy machinery warnings. These help notice employees of proper procedures and hazards to prevent any accidents in the warehouse. 

How Can I Make This Work For My Business? 

This all may seem hard to install into your warehousing system, it can be made simple with an automated inventory management system like Order Time. With this, you can organize your warehouse to your business’ specific needs, system, and fulfillment processes. 

Barcode Style Labels - Warehouse Management

Labeling your aisles, vertical sections, level numbers, and pallet position is the best way to indicate item locations throughout your warehouse. Order Time makes it simple to design effective barcodes to label, organize, and avoid misplacing items that can cost your business in the future. 

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