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Small Business Inventory Management 2022

Businesses at every size and level require an efficient inventory management
system to keep tabs on all moving pieces as orders flow in. Small to mid-sized
businesses can transform using Order Time’s automated inventory management
system that gives enterprise level features at a small business price.

Rather than manually accounting for each order and material used in your business’ processes, Order Time takes the guesswork out and handles all accounting and management functions with the click of a button. Not only will you be saving invaluable time, but your business can better allocate resources and save money!


Pillars of Inventory Management


Implementing a cloud-based inventory management system will save you and your business countless hours and dollars as it streamlines the entire process. Order Time includes endless features that handle everything from purchasing, storage and warehousing, and fulfillment. small-business-warehouse-management


Our powerful tools give you visibility into each aspect of you small to mid-sized business from anywhere using a phone, computer, or tablet. Order Time’s enterprise-level features can also be customized suited to your business or industry, making it an easy solution for complete top-down control. 

With Order Time you can get an Open API to access at any time, not to mention a variety of integrations to make your inventory management experience a one-stop-shop for all your needs.



Reduced Costs and Increased Cash Flow

Implementing an automated inventory management system is not only great for saving time, but also saving money!


 Because Order Time’s tools track material inventory levels as orders are placed, it ensures you are only ordering products and materials you're likely to sell based on historical data. Doing so reduces the likelihood of wasted money on materials, and the warehousing space required to hold them. 


On that note, Order Time’s purchasing tools allow you to reorder inventory as needed, rather than overestimating the amount needed which can eat away at your business’ cash flow.


Happy Customers, Happy Business



Customer satisfaction is key to keeping your small to mid-sized business running smoothly. Inventory management plays a huge role in transforming new customers to loyal customers and maintaining relationships. 

Whether a brick-and-mortar or e-commerce business, ensuring the items customers want are in stock is crucial to satisfy needs and keep them coming back for more. Order Time’s inventory management system can automatically when you hit a low point in your inventory, so you know exactly when to replenish shelves with the appropriate amount of lead time.




Shopify Integration


A standout feature of Order Time is its integration with Shopify. Small shop owners should join Shopify to transform their brick-and-mortar space to an e-commerce shop. Purchasing, production, and selling can all be managed with the click of a button in this central hub. 



With our integration, its simple to create an online store, connect it to Order Time’s inventory management system, and utilize Shopify’s Point of Sale Space for easy credit card transactions. Order Time is now featured on the Shopify App Marketplace to import web orders, shipping information, and more.



Next Steps

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