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5 Important CRM Features You Can't Live Without

Whether your business is big or small, client relations are of the utmost importance to ensure smooth product delivery, satisfied customers, and continued business. Utilizing an automated customer relations management database can make the entire process seamless from generating leads to happy customers. 


Lucky for you, Order Time’s cloud-based inventory management system handles all CRM features you need in one place! Here are 5 of our top-rated CRM features that can help your business thrive.

Managing Leads


As with any business, the end goal is revenue. To get there, it is crucial to install a well-organized sales structure that can facilitate leads throughout the entire sales cycleQuickBooks CRM Managing Leads


When individuals and businesses begin to show interest in purchasing from you, a lead is generated. These can be categorized by status, such as hot or cold. With our CRM platform, you can easily add, edit, and track leads as they move throughout the cycle and transform from leads to purchasing customers. 


Our database has the tools you need to monitor progress, file documents, and communicate with leads within one place to ensure a smooth process. Keeping organized and all-important lead data filed accordingly will make for a fast sales cycle, saving you both precious time and money.


Managing Quotes

Moving from leads, Order Time makes it easy to generate quotes that specify the goods or services being offered to the buyer as well as price and conditions. It is crucial to manage quotes as they are eventually converted to sales orders. 

A key CRM feature is the ability to set specific statuses to leads, customize to your business’ workflow, and efficiently communicate your staffs’ progress. Order Time also can easily convert quotes into sales orders once approved by the customer, or if the customer has already bought from you, you can directly generate a sales order.QuickBooks CRM Managing Quotes


Calendar & Alerts

QuickBooks CRM Alerts & CalendarTo keep track of all client-related activities, we recommend using our Calendar and Alert features. Order Time allows you to schedule activities, support users in tracking assignments, and set alerts accordingly.


You can also use Tasks to remind sales reps, staff, and customers of upcoming dates and deadlines. Tasks are activities that include a due date and alarm, which can be kept ether open or closed within Order Time. Keep your calendar orderly to ensure a seamless sales cycle from start to finish, leaving both you and your customers happy.



Email Sending & Custom Email Templates

QuickBooks CRM Email Templates

Our CRM functionality enables you to customize email templates for all your business’ needs. Easily clone, edit, and send personalized emails to all customers with the click of a button. 

Order Time gives you the ability to select which details you want to include in the email templates as well the ability to easily compose tasks, transactions, correspondences, and any other daily needs. Add and edit logs to record movements, actions, and communications that are relevant to the customer’s record.


Activity Tracking/Reporting

As with any client-relationship management system, it is crucial to document any actions users may take to stay up to date on relevant changes, edits, and new moves. Like we mentioned in our task feature, Order Time simplifies activity tracking and reporting.


Activities are assigned to a specific user, including a subject and closed date.  Order Time gives you the ability to create four different activity types which tells the system the exact characteristics being referenced. Tasks include a due date and alarm, while events specify start and end dates. Logs are a closed activity when created that list movements, actions, and relevant communications. You can also use an email activity type which is created when an email is sent from Order Time. QuickBooks CRM Activity Tracking and Reporting

Order Time makes it easy to transform this data into actionable next steps with our vast reporting features. Seamlessly customize reports specific to your business’ needs, including sales order reports, purchasing, and more.


What Now?

Order Time includes all the CRM tools you need and more. Help your business flourish and learn more about Order Time’s large feature selection here by clicking here.

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