food production inventory management

Food Production Inventory Management

Manufacturing food products requires a delicate balance of expiration dates, FDA regulations, consumer demand, and more. If done incorrectly, the production process can be halted, resources may be wasted, and customers may be dissatisfied.

To combat this, an automated inventory management system can take away the possibility of error and replace it with efficiency, accuracy, and a buffet of tools and features to get the job done.

Why is Inventory Management Important?


As in any industry, the supply and demand of goods is constantly fluctuating due to competition, resource availability, and consumer preferences. The food production industry is no exception, especially in our post-pandemic world with spiked demand for goods, which results in food manufacturers increasing supply and modifying inventory.
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If there isn't already reason enough to automate the inventory management system to ensure a seamless production process from start to finish, add in the constraint of expiration dates and product perishability. Because food products require specific temperatures and timelines, it is increasingly important to ensure clean oversight on the flow of goods from manufacturers to consumers' kitchens.

Food Production requires accurate measurements, FDA guidelines, and strict adherence to protocol to ensure no resources are wasted and the end goods are up-to-par. This is where Order Time can help, especially as a Barcode Management System.


Tools and Features

Order Time is equipped with endless features to streamline the production process. We ensure your resources are being used to their fullest potential to provide efficiency and data-driven results.


Customize a nested or regular Bill-of-Materials to prevent over-processing food and focus on the aspects that really matter for your business. With timing and production tools that give complete visibility, you can avoid needless movement of food products and solve transportation problems.

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One huge benefit of Order Time is the real-time data reporting tools that allow you to customize reports and make smart business decisions. Avoid over production with demand planning and real-time updates to prevent wasted resources. 


Our traceability features allow you to track food products throughout the production process every step of the way. With lot and serial number tracking, you can ensure expiration dates are being managed, monitor raw materials, and know where your goods are with the click of a button. In the case of recalling products, these features make it simple to track all goods and fix the problem. 


Capture all food production costs with our accounting features. Order Time offers tons of integrations to keep your books organized and easy to edit as items and customers change. Keep track of bills, receipts, adjustments, and price levels within our easy-to-use cloud-based system. 


What Now?

Order Time has all the tools you need to streamline the food production process. Want to learn more? Head to our website to see all that Order Time has to offer you.

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