Clean and Concise: Bio-Tech Manufacturing

Most imagine all manufacturing facilities to appear the same - lots of machines, inventory, and workers to ensure everything is running smoothly. While this is correct, each industry requires different standards and protocols to produce top quality products, a prime example being the biotech manufacturing industry.

Biotech manufacturing requires keen focus, cleanliness, organization, and efficiency to ensure all products are safe for medical and amputee uses. One small mistake can lead to detrimental and costly consequences that neither you nor your client want to deal with, making inventory automation like Order Time increasingly beneficial for all parties involved. 


Manufacturing Necessities

Before diving into the benefits of inventory automation, it is crucial to first note the requirements of a safe environment for biotech manufacturing. Whereas all manufacturing plants require some level of organization and efficiency, being that biotech products will go into one’s body, sterilization, high levels of control, and clinical perfection are all vital to prevent any damages or changes in product quality. 


All employees must be dressed appropriately to keep products from contamination and waste. This includes plant uniforms, gloves, masks, hair covers, safety glasses, and a full-body jumpsuit, followed by a glass barrier to reduce any risks. 


Surprisingly enough, the biotech manufacturing environment can even be filled with special filtered air to keep ultimate cleanliness and order within the entire process. Biotech specialized machines are also used to control temperature, pH balances, oxygen levels, and nutrients at all times to maintain optimal manufacturing levels. 


Units of Measure

The many bits and pieces that go into each biotech device can be easy to lose track of and miscalculate. Units of Measure give you the definition you need to accurately keep track of all inventory levels and conversions. These measurements help quantify the items in production for keen tuning and tracking. 


As you define your units of measure, it is essential to stay consistent and exact. Otherwise, your inventory can be mistracked, inaccurate, and complicated, leading you to costly consequences. You can prevent these losses from occurring by setting up consistent naming conventions for each unit of measure.


Order Time can process multiple units of measure which provides plenty of benefits such as flexibility, accurate calculations and conversions, and systematic order processing. With multiple units of measure, an item is quantified in different ways depending on the transaction, leading to overall precise pricing and costs. 


Lot/Serial Numbers

Dealing with the intricacy of biotech manufacturing can lead to many errors if done by hand. However, with the help of automation, keeping track of serial and lot numbers is the key to perfection throughout your workflow. 


A serial number is an identification number assigned to a distinct unit of a product from a single manufacturer, which can be found on the packaging or the unit itself. Using Order Time’s warehouse tracking tools, you can trace each component of the biotech equipment or product to eliminate the risk of mishaps. 


With similar benefits, tracking lot numbers can help expedite the manufacturing process by assigning an identification number to a particular quantity, batch, or lot of a product from a manufacturer. Usually found on the outside of packaging, these numbers can be managed with barcode scanning for ultimate precision every step of the way. 


Order Time gives you the visibility you need into these numbers to ensure all inventory is properly accounted for across multiple warehouses with the click of a button. With this you can better serve your clients, whether amputees in need or medical device users, by knowing when inventory is coming in and where it will be heading next. 


Bill of Materials

To help with the assembly of biotech equipment and products, the bill of materials, or BoM, tells the system which components are required by knowing the exact amounts of each element required in addition to displaying the amounts available for production on the work order


Another feature allows you to split the bill of materials into more than one process using production steps. With insight into margins, cost breakdowns, and markups, Order Time gives you the opportunity to view all raw materials available and exactly what you need to develop all biotech equipment for your customers. 


Production Orders

For efficiency and overall effectiveness, production orders create a sequence of assemblies in logical order. This allows you to break your production process into smaller components, sub-assemblies, and the larger batch to reach the final product. 


Order Time’s production features give you an overview look into the biotech manufacturing process with simplicity. Paired with BoM’s definition of high level production management, these production orders allow you to build strategic assembly to lead you business to high production, profits, and satisfaction. 


Security and Controlsecurity-medical-bio-tech-features

With these listed features and more, Order Time allows you to access every aspect of your manufacturing and business every step of the way. For added security, it even allows you to set roles and access to who can view certain data, serving as a control center for your precious business. 


Using its AWS cloud-based software, Order Time allows administrators to customize which users have access and what features they can change or view. In such a delicate industry such as biotech manufacturing, this is extremely useful.


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