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Ready, Set, Go: Automotive Part Manufacturing

Nowadays, almost everything is available online with the click of a button, so why not buy automotive parts online, too? Yes, that's right. Automotive B2B e-commerce is a fast growing industry that benefits repair shops, retailers, corporate fleets, and more. 

What is Automotive B2B?automotive part manufacturing - work orders - bill of materials

Whereas before suppliers of auto parts would sell at expositions and large trade shows, the large shift to e-commerce selling is now more prevalent than ever before. This is due to the large consumer demand for self-service ordering options similar to services offered from large retailers such as Amazon. 

Business to business, or B2B, selling is a massive market for the automotive part industry. These buyers own repair shops which do not want to carry inventory, therefore relying on quick online deliveries. Buyers are searching for quick, efficient, and quality items all in one place - the internet. 

Why Sell Online? 

In fact, the online selling platform provides for specific customization unlike any other. Using an e-commerce portal, repair shops and various buyers can tailor their listed products from preferred auto part suppliers for added simplicity. This way, mechanics can easily find the proper parts needed for each repair job, saving overall time and money while maximizing profits. 

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Need to see some numbers to prove automotive ecommerce’s benefits? General Motors reported that 35% of orders are made online, raising 15% from the year before. Some distributors even receive 80% of tier sales through an online portal. 

Online portals can do more than just take orders. Automotive B2B e-commerce allows your part manufacturer to exchange orders, send invoices, and make online payments. Buyers receive the benefit of viewing all  product information, details, and comparable items all in one place with additional links to product catalogs for specific motor vehicles. This way, customers can have all their answers in one place under your ecommerce store, making you a one-stop-shop for all automotive parts needs. 

How Can I Use This for My Auto Part Business?

There is no denying the benefits of developing an ecommerce presence for your automotive manufacturing and selling business. Doing so can help juggle inventory control, order management, shipping, and manufacturing processes that can otherwise be tedious to organize by hand. 

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That is why we recommend utilizing an automated inventory software platform with a B2B portal, such as Order Time

Because today’s customers expect faster delivery, more product information, and a broader selection of auto parts to choose from, it is more important than ever to implement a B2B portal that is customizable, fast, and efficient. 

With Order Time B2B, you can give access to your staff, sales reps, customers, and vendors to view vital inventory and pricing details. You can also significantly improve customer engagement, retention, and quality of service by allowing your buyers to see stock availability, create orders, and check order statuses with the click of a button. 

Your sales reps can see all auto part inventory levels and even create sales orders at customer sites and trade shows. Order Time B2B gives your automotive part business the comfort of gaining accessibility to business intelligence data to those who need it, without sacrificing security and control. 

Order Time B2B For Me

As an automotive part manufacturer or supplier, you know the importance of staying organized, connected to buyers, and seamless. Implementing an ecommerce website and inventory control system to do just that is what you need to bring your business to the next level.

Order Time B2B Portal

Order Time B2B shares a database with the Order Time inventory management platform to give you all the unforeseen visibility into your business that you need. All items, customers, contacts, vendors, purchase orders, quotes, and sales orders will be connected with the B2B portal. 

Your customers will also receive major benefits through the online portal. Buyers can edit their contact and payment information, search for items’ pricing and availability, check current invoices, create new orders, and view order status and history.

By improving your customer service, your auto parts business will thrive!  To learn more about Order Time B2B and how it can help your automotive B2B manufacturing, click here!

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