Move inventory fast, pandemic logistic and supply chain issues

Inventory Backlogs, Supply Chain & Logistic Issues

Nearing the end of 2021, COVID-19’s effects on business logistics are still prevalent as ever. Businesses are still feeling the repercussions of the pandemic’s effect on supply chain management. Whether dealing with input shortages, exponentially rising fees, or timing delays, it is the perfect time to put automated inventory management to use.

With an automated system like Order Time, your business will gain unprecedented visibility into all logistical aspects to ensure a smooth-running operation. Learn valuable cost, inventory, and sales insights so no resources go to waste - leaving you and your valuable customers happy.

logistics during the pandemic, stock issues


Sales Order Allocation


Order Time now features our brand-new Sales Order Allocation feature to assist in your supply chain management. This feature is extremely helpful when orders are placed in advance and you need to reserve the stock before creating a Ship Doc and performing the pick, pack and ship procedure. pandemic inventory back log, supply chain


With Sales Order Allocation, you can completely control which stock is reserved as well as the ability to complete partial allocations and partial shipments. This is extremely helpful when you have limited supply coming in and you want to allocate stock to particular customers first. You can work with first-come first-served or really treat your VIP customers to inventory as fast as possible. Allocate stock to high valued customers to ensure inventory availability and dedicated sales. This reduces the likelihood of misallocated goods and errors.


Inventory and Quantity Management

As orders are fulfilled, it is key to keep tabs on all stock as it moves from your vendors, to the shelves, and into customers’ hands. Any lost stock can result in high costs, reduced sales, and dissatisfied customers. 


With Order Time, you can create a systematic approach to inventory management to prevent these mishaps from occurring. You can perform real-time accurate counts of how much is in transit and how the actual inventory is counted. 

truck delivering inventory, logistics

To perform accurate inventory and quantity counts, Order Time uses a transaction-based approach. This means that a transaction must first be created to add the stock. Then you can begin the process of allocation right away on your Sales Orders.

receiving inventory during the pandemic, pallet jack

The inventory list and reports consist of many columns to describe the current stock levels in real-time, preventing any over- or under-counting. To read more on how Order Time quantifies inventory, click here.

The best part is by utilizing reports you can watch your inventory's status by location! 



Here is a list of reports we offer in the system which can assist your company in managing inventory effectively:

  • Inventory By Location Report
  • Lots by Date Report
  • Inventory On Hand Report
  • Inventory Status by Location Report
  • Open Items for Production Report
  • Items with Available Report
  • Inventory Valuation Report
  • Inventory Movement Report
  • Inventory Movement Details by Bin Report
  • Deficiency Detail Report
  • Future Transactions Ledger
  • Shipping Log
  • and MORE!
moving inventory fast during the pandemic, warehouse management

In this reverberation period that we are navigating during a pandemic that we didn't plan on, you need to monitor your stock down to the small details. There are delays from manufacturers and vendors. There are slow-downs in transport due to logistical errors. Most importantly your customers still expect the same great service they've always received from your company.

Take time to evaluate software options like Order Time Inventory. now more than ever you need a best-in-class solution to all of these new challenges. Our cloud inventory and order management software provides enterprise level features at a small business price.


What Now?

Our endless features are sure to keep both spirits and sales high this upcoming holiday season! Click here to learn more about Order Time and keep you and your customers jolly.

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