Lot & Serial Number: Tracking + Accountability

Lot tracking allows you to keep track of which customers received specific groups or batches of your products. This is very important for FDA and other regulatory systems. Lot tracking facilitates traceability for your products end-to-end, from manufacturer to supplier and then to the customers. In Order Time your lot or serial numbers can be based on the expiry date and they can be automatically generated. Order Time Inventory is a full lot tracking system so that you can achieve FDA, ISO, or CFIA compliance for your business. It enables your company to perform lot costing and significantly minimizes the costs associated with a product recall.

Here is a quick demo on how to set up Lot Number or Serial Number tracking on Order Time Inventory. This is especially useful for the Food & Beverage, Medical, or other perishable-product industries. Tracking and Accountability are key to running a state-of-the-art facility. Expiry date tracking via Lot or Serial is a primary goal for the industry.

Order Time provides a full solution to tracking inventory and managing all of your incoming orders!



Helpful Resources:

Preferences for Lot Numbers & Serial Numbers
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