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During manufacturing, parts or ingredients can get lost or aren’t completely used which can lead to inefficiencies. More than just carelessness, these mishaps can result in subpar products and disappointed customers. Tracking each step of your company’s manufacturing process can help reduce the risk of the mistakes which can lead to financial losses.

When dealing with meticulous industries, such as medical device manufacturing, you require even more precision. Making surgical equipment, such as robotics and tools, requires a seamless manufacturing workflow. If the assembly process isn’t impeccable, serious repercussions are at stake. 

Medical device manufacturing

That being said, keeping track of serial and lot numbers is crucial to ensure perfection each time. A serial number is an identification number assigned to a distinct unit of a product from a single manufacturer, which may be found on the packaging or on the unit itself. Tracking the serial number of each component eliminates the risk of mishaps and incorrect assembly of devices. 

Similarly, tracking lot numbers can majorly help and advance the assembly process for medical equipment, as well as all other manufacturing industries. A lot number is an identification number assigned to a particular quantity, batch or lot of a product from a single manufacturer. Lot numbers can typically be found on the outside of packaging. Manufacturers typically use barcode scanning and label printing to keep every shipment concise. This definitely helps with receiving purchased parts as well.


Tracking these numbers will not only reduce risk, but also expedite the manufacturing process as a whole. By tracking these numbers electronically, you will be able to track all your inventory across multiple warehouses. With this knowledge, you’ll better serve customers by knowing when it is coming in and where it is going. By syncing all this data in one place, you can have immediate access and eliminate downtime in the manufacturing process. 


To perform these functions and more, we recommend Order Time Inventory. It’s a cloud-based inventory platform that can integrate with all your accounting, ecommerce, and shipping needs. With this, you’ll have access to all the inventory tracking details and more. Order Time allows you to track lot and serial numbers on all items that have been purchased, received, used in production, and shipped to customers. This makes it easy to find the exact component within a finished product.ccc


You also have the functionality to assign serial numbers to items on work orders and shipments to customers. Any serial number within Order Time is easily tracked from warehouse to customer. And if you are looking for all the transactions in which a particular serial number is involved, the Order Time item page is particularly valuable. With the functions of Order Time, you can track the transaction and location history of anything with an attached serial number. 

To find out more about how Order Time can help with manufacturing and your business operations, click here.


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