How Can Order Time Help My Business?

If you own a small business, you’ll want to do everything in your power to maximize profits, minimize costs, and increase productivity to make the most of your resources. That is what Order Time is here for - an automated inventory management system to bring your business to the next level. So why not take a look?


With a live demo, you’ll see the amazing features and more that Order Time has to offer. Setting up a meeting time is easy, just click here! Below feature some of Order Time’s benefits to make your business seamless.


Accessibility and Rest API


Because Order Time is cloud based, you can view all your business’ data from anywhere. With the click of a button on any device, you can track inventory levels, orders, shipping, and reports. 


With API features , you can connect to multiple integrations anytime. This also allows you to write code that can add, delete, modify, and query almost selected records in Order Time. API’s give you visibility into entities, transactions, entity refs, and more. For more details on Order Time’s rest API, click here.




Time and Money Savings


No matter your business structure, Order Time can make your company fast, seamless, and efficient. From manufacturers to wholesale distributors to eCommerce and web retailers, Order Time’s cloud based platform removes the worry of managing your own server and helps you save on IT costs. 



Work stations will no longer be a thought - Order Time makes it so that you do not need to update, patch the system, or workstations. You also don’t need to purchase any additional equipment, everything is available to you on one easy to use platform. 


A key benefit is the ability to future-proof your inventory and order management system. Included, your new inventory management software provides redundant cloud server technology for tight security and data retention. Order Time includes a massive knowledge base comprising of 419 published articles. 

With countless time savers, Order Time is available for an affordable price to maximize your financial gains. You get enterprise-level features at small business pricing, with paid training available. Also, Annual payment percent discount or convenient monthly payments are available.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

From lead to payment  to quotes, Order Time has all your customer-relationship management needs built in. You can organize sales leads and customer contacts according to different lead statuses and customer types, and easily enter customer information quickly into the database. 


This CRM makes generating sales orders and quotes simple - just input the data to the database and Order Time will do the rest. The discount profile list lets you enter general discounts to be applied on specific orders. 


Order Time identifies low inventory and automates purchase order generation so that customers are satisfied around the clock. You can even look up, track, and transfer inventory into locations and bins. By using features such as cycle counting, you can do ad hoc adjustments and calculate warehouse costs. 


Activity tracking gives you clear viewing of tasks, events, emails, and logs. To document an action that will occur by one or more users, use an activity log. Tasks are helpful when reminding a sales representative to follow up on an order, while alerts allow users to track assignments. You can even customize email templates to fit different correspondence needs and feature specific email content accordingly. 


You can use data for better insights such as reporting. Customized reports are based on your business’ needs and evaluation requirements. In fact, sales, purchasing, and production dashboards can help you make better business decisions. With just a few clicks, you gain access to sales order reports, which give specific details of clients, products, or variants. 


By communicating directly through the Order Time system, it is a one-stop-shop for all your customer relationship management needs.


Warehouse Tracking


Syncing all your data in one place to be readily available with Order Time allows you to track each moving part with ease. This makes it easy to create, manage, and track all your inventory with the click of a button. 

A serial number is the individualized identification number assigned to each unit produced, found on the packing or on the unit itself. The stock keeping unit, SKU, is a unique serial number that serves as a product identifier in production. The identification number assigned to a batch of a product from a manufacturer is the lot number. This makes tracking batches of goods throughout the production cycle simple and uniform.


Special Features


Order Time includes add-on features to make inventory keeping simpler and faster, such as a free-flow label editor. This uses cloud drivers to print via any printer, giving you fast results to help move your inventory to the end consumer. In fact, you can customize nearly every editor, list, and detail page to your liking to fit your business. 


You can create detailed reports for sales, production, warehousing, and purchasing to help your business run like clockwork. With the help of the cloud, you can increase all efficiencies from ecommerce needs to shipping systems. 

order-time-inventory-b2b-portal-b2b-sellingThe new Business-2-Business, or B2B, portal gives you faster delivery, broader selection, and increased product selection. Through a customizable online portal, you can give your staff, sales representatives, customers, and vendors and improve customer retention by giving visibility into stock availability, creating orders, and checking order statuses. Without sacrificing security and control of your business, you can let sales reps see inventory levels and create sales orders. To learn more about Order Time B2B, click here.


What Now?

Love everything you’ve read? Order Time has even more to offer. Sign up for a one-on-one meeting to get all your questions and concerns answered, or check out our detailed video tutorials and knowledge base. Order Time is constantly updating, so check out the latest release notes

Feel free to call our sales representatives, 1-866-278-6243, dial 1 for Sales or visit our website for more details!


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