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5 Simple Questions To Find Your Inventory Solution

You know that your small business needs assistance with inventory management, but with so many features and benefits, you may need some help formulating a plan of action.

Sound like you? If yes, keep reading to find out how you can streamline your business with the click of a button.

Who Are You? (Existential, I know)

First things first, you need to identify your business’ function and what system it requires. Are you a manufacturer? If yes, do you make to order or make to stock?  Maybe you manufacture a more specific product, such as medical devices. Whether you’re a machine shop, job shop, wholesaler, distributor, or retailer, Order Time has features that allow you to manage all the moving parts of your business from its cloud-based server. business action plan - inventory

Other factors of your business to consider are the platforms you use, drop-shipping, or if you need special orders. Order Time integrates with platforms such as Magento, Shopify, ShipStation, and more to help your business running seamlessly. These integrations sync your inventory, accounting, shipping data, and sales in one place. You can even say yes to more than one of these categories, and Order Time has the solution just for you.

Who Are Your Customers?

As with any business, customers are the most important when it comes to performing well and turning inventory. That is why it is crucial to identify who you are selling to so that we can find the proper Order Time feature to increase your sales. 

If selling to other businesses, B2B, Order Time’s B2B portal is a completely customizable e-commerce website that shares a database with the Order Time program. You can significantly improve customer engagement and quality of service by allowing your customers to view stock availability, create quotes and orders and check on order status. In addition, you can let your sales reps see inventory levels and create sales orders at customer sites and trade shows. By giving your vendors access, they give you advanced shipping notice on when your PO will be shipped. Order Time B2B makes business intelligence data available to the people who need it, without sacrificing security and control. 

If your business identifies as B2C, or business to consumer, our software covers the entire sales cycle including leads, quotes, and payment. You can easily generate quotes and unlimited price levels for specific customers, markups, and discounts.

What Do You Sell?

Depending on the industry you’re in, you may have to comply with certain guidelines, delicate products, or configurations. Luckily, Order Time can handle it all. 

products you sell - order management

Businesses with many inputs such as food and beverages, machinery, electronics, pharma, chemicals, medical manufacturing, and cosmetics that require tedious tracking can be automated with lot and serial number tracking. If you work in the style matrix including fashion, apparel, and jewelry that entail several style, size, and color variations, Order Time can keep track of all your inventory even in different locations. 

Many production cycles entail a bill of material, or a ‘recipe’ of the components required for your end product. If you bundle your product together or have options, the kit feature can help you assemble your product efficiently and effectively. This is especially useful when your manufactured product needs 1 SKU with options or variations.


Who Are Your Suppliers?

Now that you’ve pinpointed your business, customers, and products, understanding your suppliers can help gauge the length of lead time for your product and purchase orders

If you have two or more vendors that supply the same product, we have a feature that allows you to purchase from multiple vendors and set the purchase price from the one with the lowest price. With Order Time’s barcode and labeling features, you can apply specific vendor part numbers and barcodes associated with specific items.


How Does Your Business Run?

Lastly, we want to identify your business logistics to help run smoother, faster, and seamlessly. Do you outsource warehousing and shipping or do you maintain your own warehouse? If you do it, do you have multiple locations? Order Time easily syncs inventory data across multiple locations, headquarters, and bins. Dealing with different locations may also call for different currencies

supply chain management - control

Order Time can customize units of measure, how your product is purchased, how it is sold and when it is different from the primary measure. These units of measure include primary, sold as, purchased as, and used as, which each display meaningful quantities of information to your customers and vendors. 

Managing your business’ money can be very tedious and risky if done incorrectly, often due to human error. Order Time’s accounting integrations with QuickBooks makes it easy to stay on top of all your finances and accounting needs. Our cloud-based platform can help you transform your accounting data with QuickBooks Online, Premier, or Enterprise.


As you can tell, Order Time has countless features and benefits to help your business reach the next level. You can get enterprise-level features at a small business price with easy customizations and support along the way. To learn more about Order Time, click here.

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